Monday, December 22, 2008

Ho Ho Ho

It's hard to believe that Christmas is already here and we have someone new to enjoy this year! We made the venture over to Bass Pro Shop to see their Santa and of course he had to wear his own "Ho Ho" (as my niece, Lindsey calls him) outfit!
Have a wonderful Christmas and even more joyous New Year!
Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Tripp with sweet Emily

We love the Christmas Tree and have to touch it at least once a day!

Playing on our new favorite thing-the dishwasher!

Santa at Bass Pro Shop

Trying to get some cute shots on the front porch....

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tripp's Dedication

Thank you Aunt Amy for capturing the beautiful weekend for us! We are so honored to be this beautiful baby boy's parents and dedicating him to the Lord was a moment in both of our lives we will always hold close to our hearts! Thank you, Lord, for your indescribable gifts!

God shows His beautiful creativity when He creates each of us!

My favorite face!

Our little family (No, this is not our Christmas tree! We were at Ridgeland HS)

So happy!

He loves his cousin, Elizabeth

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh the Places You'll Go...

Well, Tripp is officially crawling! No more of the army scoot, inchworm stuff. It's fullfledged, all out crawling!! I have found him in places I never imagined a baby would ever fit, find or climb! He has a huge obsession with Fred (definitely not mutual yet) and if he's not chasing him he is trying to climb in his bouncy seat, chew on the fireplace, bar stools or a chair in our keeping room as well as other's baby carriers (see pic with Anna Claire Smitherman).
The other morning I went in the laundry room to fold some clothes and upon returning Tripp was gone! I heard some paper(another strange obsession) rummaging and proceeded to find him in Jay's office playing with his ad cards...wonderful! He is fond of shoes as well which runs in the family already so I think we're in trouble! They need to make protective head and knee wear for these babes.
We have had fun watching what he chooses to get in to and it has definitely changed the routine of my day but I wouldn't trade it for the world!
The collage is just a FEW of the places we find him these days(and one of the "snow" today) Usually where Fred is, there Tripp will be also!

Monday, December 1, 2008


Thanksgiving night we went to my aunt's house in Memphis and were able to get all 4 cousins together. After many tries, these are some of the only pics that turned out....notice Tripp finds it hard to sit still (like father like son)!!

Benton, Lindsey and Tripp

Alice, Benton, Lindsey and Tripp

Poor Linds, she was trying to be so sweet but Tripp was making that pretty tough!

Moving again!

Cabin Fun

After the Rebels beat up on the Bulldogs, we went to Jay's family cabin for the weekend! Tripp finally met his cousin, Conner and they had a blast playing!



I think Tripp wanted some kisses!

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