Monday, June 28, 2010

It's Official

The candles have been blown out, the cake has been cut and yes, the little baby boy is OFFICIALLY now TWO!
Thanks to all our sweet friends that helped us celebrate this milestone....tear free!!
He's still telling every one he's three is the only problem!

Monday, June 7, 2010

He's what??

Please stop, and don't mention the word birthday around me right now when referring to my BABY! I got teary eyed at the church nursery yesterday when someone just mentioned the word 'two', so needless to say, this is why I'm doing his birthday entry 11 days early.
He's grown.
Those two words sum up everything that has happened from last June til now. Of course, he's grown in height, weight, hair length, and in ability. But the grown that is the most bittersweet to accept is the growing he's done in departments like; talking,understanding, loving others, laughing at Buzz and Nemo, loving nothing more than jumping (he calls it 'dumping') on the bed and being chased by his ever loving daddy (whom he calls 'gaggy'). He's grown into our hearts with roots so deep not even we have the depth to hold them inside.
We love him in every sense of the word and yet so much more. He is the blessing that God had in store for our family long before we could even fathom the joy He already knew.
And now, to stop the tears, I giggle at the sound of his precious lisped voice hollering, "Mama, um here, are you" and I grin because I know exactly what he's saying and what it is he wants.
Freeze time, please freeze!!
We love you Buzzy, happy happy birthday-God is too good!