Friday, October 15, 2010

Rain on My Parade...

I constantly listen to music while I'm working and designing and because of that I find myself running through the same play lists on my itunes quite often. Today, in the search for some new inspiring music (I'm a huge contemporary christian gal) I found a song by Kathleen Carnali, called "Dangerous Prayer". When listening to the lyrics it totally was a slap in the heart!
I so easily ask God to show me who He wants me to be or what He has planned for my life but find myself running clumsily in the opposite direction when His GPS is turned my way. We are all so quick to say, "It's all in God's plan..." and this song says if it is YOUR plan then we have to allow Him to RAIN ON OUR PARADE even if it's the parade with the coolest floats and beads. STRIP ME DOWN AGAIN SO I'M DESPERATE FOR YOU even if that means being naked and unsure for a while of the path we are to be walking.
So, if you're like me at all (let's hope you're not;) then be sure that the next time you come to the Father looking for answers that we're not underestimating His love for us, His knowledge of us, and His protectiveness over His own children.
I'm honored to have such an amazing and all-knowing life-planner on my team but trusting Him is not as easy as it sounds.
Make your prayers dangerous with the idea that what's dangerous and uncomfortable for you is exactly what excites our Heavenly Father because it gives Him the chance to shine as He deserves!!
"Want to make God laugh, tell Him YOUR plans!"