Tuesday, May 24, 2011

On the Calendar

Well, our date is set for little sister to arrive, unless of course she decides to appear on her own time. The doctor called this morning and we are scheduled for Tuesday, June 14th....my youngest brother's birthday!
This is totally bittersweet for me and I'm open to admitting that now. I mentioned to Jay the other night that I'm ready to not be pregnant anymore but not so sure I'm 'ready' for a baby. But, is anyone really ever READY??? Not at all!!
For now I'm just praying that Tripp adjusts well and my brain stays in tact....or at least somewhat in tact.
Any advice is welcome on going from one to two.....

Monday, May 2, 2011

Tornado Relief Drive

I can't help but have a broken heart for all those affected in North MS and AL with the recent tornadoes. I know God is calling me to take action and I'm blessed that I work with an amazing group of women that will help! My Arbonne team has compiled a list of products Arbonne offers that were being requested for victims and with every purchase of one of these items an identical item will be donated....ONE for ONE!! There is no limit or minimum on what you can buy/donate so PLEASE help us in this effort!!!
Below is a sample order form and you can purchase online as well at www.onefor1.org

PLEASE forward this to your friends and family and email me at infoonefor1@gmail.com
with any questions or orders!!