Monday, February 7, 2011

Tickled what?

What a fun weekend we had with our most precious family and friends! Jay and I did not find out the sex of baby #1 and for some reason, although adorned in pink, I was convinced I was an 'all boy mom'. But, once again I am not in control and can't wait to watch our precious new bundle come in to this world and bless us as much and more as Tripp.
Adorable shirts made by my sweet and talented friend, Jamie Hatfield. They were perfect no matter the color.

Center of the dining/food table

Branches with 'It's a boy' and 'It's a Girl' clips for guests to wear their guess

Oh, the cupcakes!!!! There are no words to express the beauty of these and the taste was even better! Thanks, Kristen Mullen with Crumb!

When it was all said and done....

They are both going to need their rest because....

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Toys? Who needs toys??

I have started 'nesting' and totally wish God would give me Incredible Hulk muscles while doing so. The urge to rearrange every room of my house goes hand in hand with this crazy phenom! Tripp definitely benefitted from one day's nesting session. He got a super clean and organized closet in his big boy room complete with enough area to play! He also got to play with all the super cool BOXES.....umm,dude, we have hundreds of dollars of toys upstairs, in your room and in our keeping room but you were more than thrilled with boxes?? Good times that bring back memories for all generations I'm sure!