Thursday, September 23, 2010

Where has the time gone?

Not a single person was lying when they said, "It goes by so fast". Tripp is the most beautiful and amazing person I've ever come in to contact with and being able to be called his mother is the greatest gift God could have ever entrusted to me.
He is funny, tenderhearted, loving and sometimes I think he goes way over his word quota for the day but we are blessed that he is so smart (he must get that from my side of the family;)and capable of so much.
Just a few updated pics that I took this week in our backyard....doesn't he look just like his mama!! HA!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Leave a Legacy

September 10th, 2010 a wonderful, powerful tenacious woman passed away. Puddie Eason Ruff (yes her name was puddie;) was
a woman of character
a woman of extreme faith
a woman of family
a woman of team
a woman of love and most of all
a woman of GOD.
As my uncle stated at her funeral, she was a 5 foot 2 fireball and anyone that ever came in to contact with her figured that out in the first 5 minutes.
But to me she was home and the only home I really ever knew growing up. She was a constant in an ever changing navy brat world of moves. Her home was our "camp" and the laughter of all 14 grandchildren still rings over there on Thomas St. in Tupelo, MS.
Puddie was my rock and she loved to roll. I close my eyes when I'm discouraged and can see her coming out of her screen door to say, "Emily, move your feet, bend your knees, racket back...."
and I'm not sure she realized just how profound these words would be to me.
She didn't just teach, she demonstrated how to be a motivator, a team player, a coach, a mother and more importantly to me a grandmother in which I compare all others.
Never was an angry word said but you knew when she meant business. Never was a discouraging gesture heard because she was built to encourage.
A 5 foot 2 fireball....
She quoted scripture to her death and knew that God was forever her fortress and strength. She is in Heaven today playing the best rounds of tennis she's ever played and setting up swimming lessons for all the sweet children that went before her.
She was my Tupelo Honey and life is much sweeter because of her.
Thank you, Puddie, for loving me and blessing me beyond measure by being my grandmother.