Friday, October 15, 2010

Rain on My Parade...

I constantly listen to music while I'm working and designing and because of that I find myself running through the same play lists on my itunes quite often. Today, in the search for some new inspiring music (I'm a huge contemporary christian gal) I found a song by Kathleen Carnali, called "Dangerous Prayer". When listening to the lyrics it totally was a slap in the heart!
I so easily ask God to show me who He wants me to be or what He has planned for my life but find myself running clumsily in the opposite direction when His GPS is turned my way. We are all so quick to say, "It's all in God's plan..." and this song says if it is YOUR plan then we have to allow Him to RAIN ON OUR PARADE even if it's the parade with the coolest floats and beads. STRIP ME DOWN AGAIN SO I'M DESPERATE FOR YOU even if that means being naked and unsure for a while of the path we are to be walking.
So, if you're like me at all (let's hope you're not;) then be sure that the next time you come to the Father looking for answers that we're not underestimating His love for us, His knowledge of us, and His protectiveness over His own children.
I'm honored to have such an amazing and all-knowing life-planner on my team but trusting Him is not as easy as it sounds.
Make your prayers dangerous with the idea that what's dangerous and uncomfortable for you is exactly what excites our Heavenly Father because it gives Him the chance to shine as He deserves!!
"Want to make God laugh, tell Him YOUR plans!"

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Where has the time gone?

Not a single person was lying when they said, "It goes by so fast". Tripp is the most beautiful and amazing person I've ever come in to contact with and being able to be called his mother is the greatest gift God could have ever entrusted to me.
He is funny, tenderhearted, loving and sometimes I think he goes way over his word quota for the day but we are blessed that he is so smart (he must get that from my side of the family;)and capable of so much.
Just a few updated pics that I took this week in our backyard....doesn't he look just like his mama!! HA!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Leave a Legacy

September 10th, 2010 a wonderful, powerful tenacious woman passed away. Puddie Eason Ruff (yes her name was puddie;) was
a woman of character
a woman of extreme faith
a woman of family
a woman of team
a woman of love and most of all
a woman of GOD.
As my uncle stated at her funeral, she was a 5 foot 2 fireball and anyone that ever came in to contact with her figured that out in the first 5 minutes.
But to me she was home and the only home I really ever knew growing up. She was a constant in an ever changing navy brat world of moves. Her home was our "camp" and the laughter of all 14 grandchildren still rings over there on Thomas St. in Tupelo, MS.
Puddie was my rock and she loved to roll. I close my eyes when I'm discouraged and can see her coming out of her screen door to say, "Emily, move your feet, bend your knees, racket back...."
and I'm not sure she realized just how profound these words would be to me.
She didn't just teach, she demonstrated how to be a motivator, a team player, a coach, a mother and more importantly to me a grandmother in which I compare all others.
Never was an angry word said but you knew when she meant business. Never was a discouraging gesture heard because she was built to encourage.
A 5 foot 2 fireball....
She quoted scripture to her death and knew that God was forever her fortress and strength. She is in Heaven today playing the best rounds of tennis she's ever played and setting up swimming lessons for all the sweet children that went before her.
She was my Tupelo Honey and life is much sweeter because of her.
Thank you, Puddie, for loving me and blessing me beyond measure by being my grandmother.

Monday, June 28, 2010

It's Official

The candles have been blown out, the cake has been cut and yes, the little baby boy is OFFICIALLY now TWO!
Thanks to all our sweet friends that helped us celebrate this milestone....tear free!!
He's still telling every one he's three is the only problem!

Monday, June 7, 2010

He's what??

Please stop, and don't mention the word birthday around me right now when referring to my BABY! I got teary eyed at the church nursery yesterday when someone just mentioned the word 'two', so needless to say, this is why I'm doing his birthday entry 11 days early.
He's grown.
Those two words sum up everything that has happened from last June til now. Of course, he's grown in height, weight, hair length, and in ability. But the grown that is the most bittersweet to accept is the growing he's done in departments like; talking,understanding, loving others, laughing at Buzz and Nemo, loving nothing more than jumping (he calls it 'dumping') on the bed and being chased by his ever loving daddy (whom he calls 'gaggy'). He's grown into our hearts with roots so deep not even we have the depth to hold them inside.
We love him in every sense of the word and yet so much more. He is the blessing that God had in store for our family long before we could even fathom the joy He already knew.
And now, to stop the tears, I giggle at the sound of his precious lisped voice hollering, "Mama, um here, are you" and I grin because I know exactly what he's saying and what it is he wants.
Freeze time, please freeze!!
We love you Buzzy, happy happy birthday-God is too good!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Been a while....

We have been so busy these last few months that the family blog has definitely taken a back burner to the rest of our lives!
Tripp i growing and talking more every day (not always fun to watch from a mama's perspective:)and before we know it he will be TWO!!! Although he already thinks of himself as an 18 year old I'm afraid. He is funny funny funny and makes us giggle constantly.
He still looks just like his daddy and acts like him all the same...scary, I know!
Just a few pics to update without lots of words!

Easter was so much fun this year....he LOVED the candy part especially. We went to the Country Club egg hunt then Sunday had some great friends over for lunch after church. No one had seen Tripp or MWW for a while and all we heard was giggling from my laundry room and this was what all the giggles were about.....boys boys!!

He couldn't wait to touch the Easter Bunny but when he got up there he wasn't so sure

That innocent face before he does something horrid

Getting sweet sugar from daddy!

Sharing our basket contents...sort of!

At the Ole Miss/State game with his favorite 'brothers', Jack and Sam (he thinks they are the same person)

Winning at a big boy game of "Smear the Q*%#r"

Eating the Valentine's Cake we made

The decorated cake, Tripp's version

The way it should have looked....

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I've always believed and seen that it is not God that moves but us throughout our daily ins and outs of life. It is not HE that pushes us off the balance beam but us, ourselves that lose balance and focus and fall with deductions!
I opened my mailbox Saturday and had totally forgotten that I ordered Angie Smith's new book I Will Carry You about 3 months ago. I said, "Oh, yeah" then put it on the counter thinking it would add to the mounding stack of almost finished novels I have accumulated on my night stand. But something (I know what that something was;) kept telling me to pick it up this morning before church so I did. And after 5 pages wondered if anyone would notice me reading while driving or during the's so pure, truthful and humbling to anyone's heart.
But of course God was setting me up for a different epiphany from the next few pages.
Our small group tonight discussed becoming 'lukewarm' in today's society and the book Crazy Love questions if christians are actually capable of beoming lukewarm if they are as they say they are, belivers in Christ?? Why do we believe what we do or follow unwritten bylaws that our church society has set before us without even asking why we do these things?
We discussed ways to "do better" at this lukewarmness and after lots of discussion and opinions I came home to pick up my book, with the magnet in it, to find a passage where Angie is disecting the relationship Jesus had with Lazurus, Martha and Mary's brother, and the love He had for him. When he became sick Martha and Mary didn't tell Jesus HOW he could perform His miracle (Lord, heal her cancer; Lord, stop his addiction....we all do it)
yet it's what they DON'T SAY that shows the true faith in their hearts that God truly is the healer of all things. They simply say, 'the one you love is sick'. Well, God loves me and I love Him and when I am hurting HE knows and is faithful to fix what HE sees fit to 'fix'. (John 11)
So often I find myself telling God what I think is the best answer to a problem or cure to an illness but I don' give MY GOD enough credit that He is the same God that created this world and surely is the same God that knows what is best for any situation if we would only allow Him this opportunity!!
I say all this because in the grand scheme of my every day I really do forget to LET GO and LET GOD. For He is the only one that cares more than me to see that I don't become lukewarm for Him. It is He who lights a fire in my heart to chase after Him with arms raised high and an abandoned heart!
PLEASE do yourself a favor and read this book. It really does open up your heart as God wants it to be and fills you with a peace of understanding that only He can offer.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Little Snowbunny

We had about 5 inches of beautiful snow last week! Tripp woke up and when I opened is curtains he yelled, "SNOW...HO, HO, HO"!! Don't ask he put these 2 things together but he was so excited! We ran and put on our best version of southern snow attire and went to town playing in it. When I asked him to come inside because we were cold he told us, "No way"! So, of course I bribed him with the best treat snow provides...snow cream! He wasn't crazy about it but his mama sure loves it!




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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lovin' on Nani

Tripp loves when Nani (my mother) comes and teaches him new things! This was her teaching him, "If You're Happy and You Know It"....Of course the stomping your feet part was his favorite part! He's growing up so fast!
Notice the war wound under his right eye. That was a MMO accident that will go down as his first scar. He points to it in the mirror and says, "Bobo" but Jay tells him that chicks dig scars. We'll see how that goes for him!



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