Monday, November 26, 2007

11 weeks!

After several great reports we are now on the last week of the "scary stage" so please continue to pray for us and our precious baby! I don't have to go back now for 3 more weeks because my doctor said the baby and I looked great...praise the Lord!
Last week we got a fun look at the baby moving around and it then turned and looked right at the camera...what a natural:) Here is a picture of it's face!
Thanks to every one for the kind and encouraging words and prayer.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

New Witcher on the way!

Yep, we are pregnant! Well, I'm the only one pregnant but I figure if Jay has to endure the pains along side me then I becomes a WE. The Lord has truly held our hands throughout this and we know that His plan is much greater than either of ours could every imagine being. Since we have had trouble in the past, my doctor has wanted to see me every 2 weeks so far. It has been such a blessing for our peace of mind because we have now heard a very strong heartbeat twice!
His way is perfect and we pray that our precious child growing inside me will be as well. Thank you all for the continued prayer. Each one is greatly felt and we are walking in them every second of the day. I know all moms-to-be worry but our circumstances have called for more trust and faith than any other trial we've ever faced. Knowing that others are praying makes that faith much easier to hold on to so, thank you from both of us!
We will keep you posted on the new "Wittle Witcher"