Thursday, July 21, 2011

Let's Hear It for the Boy!

I was inspired today by my sweet friend Cat at Contant in Chaos to pray for my husband(more than normal anyway)and hope that he knows how much I love him. I know we, as mothers, sacrifice a lot for our spouses and children but that sacrifice would be twice as hard (at least in my life) if my husband didn't sacrifice in return for his family.
Anyone that knows Jay personally will giggle when you mention his name due largely to the fact that he does just that, makes you giggle! It was what drew me to him from the first meeting and it's honestly the main trait that has kept me coming back through all the ups and downs. I'm not sure he realizes that when he's not trying to be funny is when he's truly the funniest and I love this about him.
-He is one of the hardest workers and most self-determined and self-disciplined (unless it comes to sweets) men I know next to my dad. He is gifted at what he does on a daily basis and those that come in to contact with him on a work level sense this immediately.
-He's an amazing athlete and I can only pray (believe me there is nothing too small) that Tripp has an iota of his ability.
*on a sidenote, I consider myself pretty athletic too so Sophie does have that going for her too*
-He's loyal to a fault but if he has to have one, I don't mind it being loyalty at all!
-Of course he's a fabulous father and I know Tripp already admires him and Sophie will soon have him wrapped around her finger.

Sunday we will celebrate our SEVENTH anniversary and although this doesn't sound very long to most of you out there (since I have like 3 readers:), we dated for 5 years LONG DISTANCE before we even got engaged so really that 7 should have an asteric alongside it when we celebrate...not to mention I'm a Rebel and he's a bulldog. Making that work alone is a test from God!
He is still the love of my life and when I look back at all we've been through together I grin a little wider every time knowing that we made it and will continue to make it as long as God allows us on this earth....together.
He never reads our blog but if he just so happens to-
Our family and I am better because of you and I honestly thank my God every time I remember you and all He's walked us through with His guidance and never ending grace!

Our first dance, so young

Typical photo of Jay when we try to take a picture

The day Tripp was born. He was so proud it was a boy that would carry hi namesake.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Plus One

Well, we are officially plus ONE, one month later. Sophie is the "fweetest" (tripp language) and we already can't imagine our family without her here.
Sophie Ann
June 14th, 2011
6 pounds, 10 ounces
8:29 am