Monday, August 15, 2011

2 months 2 fast

When you say something is 2 months away it feels like a lifetime. When that thing has passed it seems that it came and went too fast and you long for the time BEFORE it happened. I read a survey on happiness the other day and research showed that people are happiest up to 8 weeks BEFORE a vacation or fun event is occuring and this made me stop and think about our family and me 8 weeks ago....
We were headed towards the hospital in anticipation of our sweet little girl to arrive. Tripp was not yet a big brother and we were still a family of three. That was BEFORE it happened and needless to say we were thrilled beyond words. But now, 8 weeks has passed and she's 2 months old just like that! Tripp is a precious, protective and proud big brother and we are now a family of four (and happy to stay that way;)!
We had the chance to finally get out to Jay's family cabin in north Mississippi this weekend. Jay deserved some downtime and we deserved some time to get down with Jay;). Sunday it was just us four for the first time in 8 WEEKS!!! Tripp drove the boat and Sophie had her very first ride, pure blessed bliss is all I can say.







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