Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Family Update

Okay, the camera memory card is still out of commission and while TRYING to stay on a budget, a new memory card hasn't quite made it in to the buggy! But, that doesn't mean our little man has taken a break on growing, changing and making us happier and more thankful every day for him!
Here's the only picture that my friend took of us at the country club the other night. It's terrible of me, and Jay had just gotten off the golf course but you can't beat Tripp's face!...thanks, Jenny, for the precious outfit! (this is the last time we could wear it and it was definitely a favorite!)
We had our 9 month check up Monday and...
-Tripp is weighing in at 22.13 lbs (yes, he's thick)
-30 1/2 inches long
-Has 8 TEETH (I miss those sweet gums:)
-Has had his 2nd ear infection so we are praying this round of Omnicef cures all!
-Is still standing on his own but gets a little ancy if you help him take a step......This is a little irritating due to the fact that his mama would love to put him down in public places for at least a second! (stop laughing, mothers of toddlers!)
-Is talking/babbling up a storm at and to everything! Mama and Dadda are of course his favorites but has started pointing at things and "singing" til he gets it. This is really funny!
-Eats almost all table food that he can get his hands on even if he's not hungry
-Absolutely loves his daddy and tries to jump out of my arms any time he walks into the room which absolutely makes me melt!
We love him more each day and it has been such a joy to wake up every morning and uncover what the Lord has in store!