Friday, September 23, 2011

a brand new look

I love change. Call me strange, odd, weird, whatever but I love it. I was raised as the only daughter with three brothers to a naval officer father so moving was bred into me at birth. I was born in Hawaii and moved 3 times before I was even 5. SEVERAL moves later I found myself at Ole Miss for 4 years and realized that was the longest I had ever "lived" anywhere. I don't have a house that I 'grew up in' per say, I don't go home and hang out with friends I've known since kindergarten or see teachers that taught me in 4th grade. Rather, I have compiled a laundry list of memories from places and people here and there that has shaped my childhood and much of who I am today.
I wasn't allowed to meet a stranger or be shy. When you're a navy 'brat' you have to be willing to "make new friends but keep the old" as the ancient saying tells you so. This happens to be something I value in myself and carry around as 'my thing'.
So, I've decided to change the name of this blog since SO many people read it {insert chuckle here} and were probably tired of seeing Jay, Emily, Tripp and baby sister on the way on my header being that she's 15 weeks old now!
I have had the name 'Ruffled Wishes' on the brain now for some time and since I can't really change the name of my business I decided I could always change the name of this blog. Ruffled is a combination of my maiden name, Ruff, and how I feel most days these days. Most of us like others to think we have it all together, no ruffles or ripples, and deep down realize that this is very far from the truth behind closed doors. I on the other hand wear my heart, life and faith on my sleeve....with or without ruffles on it. With God, we are not called to be fearful but trusting and confident that with Him we are safe, cared for and loved. I don't fear what ruffles God chooses to cast our way because I know that WITH Him it will create a stronger woman, mother, wife, daughter and friend out of me. Just like the quote from my favorite movie, Steel Magnolia's {such oscar winning material;)} "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger".....
Wishes is from my married name, Witcher, and how I actually go about my life....wishfully thinking and trusting God beyond my husband's understanding. Not much bothers me and that really bothers him sometimes! I have wishes for my marriage, wishes for my son and daughter and my own life. Wishes are something we are told to make on stars and believe in at a very young age and I'm a firm believer that it's wishes that allow some to take one more step, smile during dark times or even live one more day.
So, here we have Ruffled Wishes.
Ruffled Wishes is what I have and I'm proud of it!


Tate Family said...

love the look!

rachel said...

I read your blog, and I honestly have no idea how I found it. But it was when your son was just born, I think. :) So hello, from a blog stalking stranger. I like your new look!